Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Go me!

Ok, so class wasn't as bad as I was expecting! I even got an A! 19/20, not too shabby! Got our next assignment, and it seems a little tougher than the last. I have to actually do 5 pictures and print and mount them by next Wed!

On to other news..actually, i don't really have anything else. Oh! I did almost get rear ended today! I was coming up to a stop light, and something told me to stop further away from the car than I normally do, so I did. I looked in my rear view mirror and see a car coming. It kept coming and coming and I just knew I was going to get hit! I braced myself for it and closed my eyes, waiting. I had nowhere else to go. I kept my eyes closed, tried not to tense up as I waited. I heard brakes squeal and waited for the impact, but it never came! I opened my eyes and looked in the mirror, there was no one there. I looked to my left and the car was beside me in the oncoming traffic lane! Talk about close! I quickly thanked God and went along my merry way. I then decided to go to Jack in the Box for lunch. food has not been my friend lately! Everywhere I go they mess up my order! I order the bacon cheddar fries instead of the regular fries. I get to school, open them up and there's some funky white gravy crap with sausage bits in it! WTH!? I didn't even bother with it, just threw it away. Crappy fast food places messing up my orders!


  1. dude Im so glad that dummy didnt hit u!!!!
    And u just haddddddddddddda talk bout jack in the crack huh? LOL
    and um they put sausage gravy on them LOL which sounds kinda weird but then again sound kinda good LOL
    good job on the grade!!

  2. But they'd never done that before! Is that like a morning thing? Cuz this was at like 11 am, I have never had them that early.