Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Learning new stuff!

So, I am in a photography class this summer. I was hoping to learn how to use my camera (Ha!) but it's more about how to take pictures, photoshop them, print and mount them! Still fun, so I will stick with it. Always fun to learn something new! Guess I have to actually read my manual :O I have taken some pretty neat pictures, but some awful ones too. Hey! I'm still learning! Anyways, today we learned how to photoshop our pictures. That will take time to learn all of it, and it would be nice to actually have photoshop here at home! but, here is my pretty picture I took (this is the unphotoshopped version, sorry!)

1 comment:

  1. ur so lucky!! I so wanna take a class on it but just cant afford it right now, me n Ed both wanna LOL. But thats gonna have ta wait for now, lol. ya better let me know any cool things ya learns lol