Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Today was park day

I really should get the pics on the computer so you all (whoever reads this) can see my day! Like i said, today was park day. Every Tuesday, if I like the park, is park day. Today was no different, other than my son hurt himself like the entire time we were there! He did fine at the beginning, but it seems when he hurts himself once it all goes downhill from there. Him and another kid collided at the water feature. He hurt a few of his toes. We fixed him up. But that wasn't the end. He just kept hurting himself falling, bumping his head here and there. We said it was time to go. Got tired of listening to him scream! The rest of the day he was injury free, YAY! We just chilled out at home, played in the backyard (I love having a backyard BTW), BBQd some steaks and then the kids had their baths and went to bed. I think I love bedtime more than I love having a backyard. Bedtime is the best time of the day! I am sure any mother of kids will agree with me! So here I sit, on Tuesday night, chatting with my husband on Facebook..yes, he is right across the room from me, keeping up my promise to my faithful reader (hopefully readers soon?) to write a tid bit of my life. Never knew I was oh so interesting, did you?

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