Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday already!

Glad it's the summer time and I can spend more time with the hubby. Weekends go by way too fast. Last night was Bunco! Bunco is soo much fun! Sitting around with a big group of women, most of them drinking, being loud, just having fun. Wish it could happen more than one a month! Ah well, I'd get burnt out then if it did. Also had a dentist appt on Thursday, that was fun..yeah, right! I am NOT a fan of the dentist. I went for a cleaning, but crap it still hurt! She used a water pic thing on my that feels like it's slicing off your gums! Who the heck makes these things? It does not feel good to have water shooting into your mouth at God knows what speed to get the crap between your teeth. This is what they make floss for! I am a fan of floss, not a fan of the water crap. I think if they come near me with that thing again I will cry!


  1. u suck u get ta play bunco, and with a bunch of ppl at that to! lol it wouldnt b to much fun if I made ed play with me LOL, can ya pic that now? egh!
    I got pictionary the udder day and hes dreading that LOL. Hey with walmart making their new facelift they got everything on clearance and I got it for 10 bucks couldnt resist that now could I? Wanna know whats weird ok they got a bunch on clearance right? well they have the same thing for regular price to in the toy area o_O which makes no sense at all LOL.
    Hope peeps check the clearance to haha

    Sorry bout dentist this is why I wont go I have to get mine cleaned BAAAAAAAAAAD but so skerred

  2. I love Pictionary! I miss having game nights.